► Im launching a new series: Wooden Weaponry’s woodworking tips!
► Episodes of this series won’t be uploaded an a regular base like my other videos. I will upload a new one whenever I find a new woodworking tip that appears share-worthy to me.
► Regarding this tip: The height of the tip of the pencil ( + the wood you lay under it ) should be similar to the radius of the dowel. The smaller the difference is, the smaller the circle will be.
► Let me know what you think of this series in the comments below!
► You can of course suggest new ideas for this series! 🙂

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How to find the centerpoint of a dowel – Wooden Weaponry's woodworking tips #1


2017-06-30 10:49:50

Nik’s Workshop

Wood,Craftsmanship,centerpoint dowel,center point dowel,Dowel center point,middle of dowel,How to find the center point of a dowel

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