Because of efforts to reduce the cases of COVID-19, many people have been sheltering in place for over a month. That means our cats have had their pet parents home with them full-time. And that’s great – mostly. There are plenty of memes out there with cats missing their alone time.

Of course, at some point, people will be going back to their offices, kids will be back in schools (to the relief of parents everywhere) and cats will have to readjust to life at home alone. Two expert behaviorists share tips on how to make sure your cat enjoys their time at home.

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How to make your cat’s home-alone time more fun.

“When our regular work and school routines commence again, your cat may be left confused (and lonely!) once everyone is rushing out the door instead of spending time at home,” says Pamela Reid, PhD, CAAB, vice president of the ASPCA Behavioral Sciences Team.

To make that solo time more pleasant, Pamela has a few suggestions to help your feline friend “amewse” himself, which include making some of the most fun toys and activities special and available only when your cat is alone.

“Create a cozy, inviting place for your cat to nap away from all the activity of remote work and school. This could be a comfortable bed or a crate in another room. You can put on some soothing music.”
“Cats will be entertained for some time with an interactive food-puzzle toy.”
“There are many free game apps for cats to play with by themselves.”
“You can also find battery-operated toys online that may keep your cat busy and happy on their own.”
“Make sure your cat has access to a favorite room with a window for viewing the world outside.”

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