HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — September 14 happens to be National Sober Day and it seems many Americans may be opting to remain sober.

The trend of non-alcoholic beer and wine is becoming pretty popular and those at the Partnership for a Drug-Free Community say it’s encouraging.

Wendy Reeves, Executive Director of Partnership for a Drug-Free Community says it’s great to see an alternative. The Partnership helps with the education and prevention of addictive substances like alcohol.

“We see a lot of people who struggle with alcohol addiction,” says Reeves. “So for people to have an option that they can still get that taste but not have the damaging effects for their health or even endangering others lives if they’re driving, that’s a good thing.”

Global e-commerce company Pattern did an analysis on the resurgence of non-alcoholic drinks. The study showed the demand overall is up 60% year over year through the first seven months of 2021.

Ariel Massey, Operations Coordinator for the Recovery Resource Hub, says she’s tried non-alcoholic beer.

“They do taste just like a beer. So I equate it to guys or even women that drink and want some hot wings and fries that don’t want to form a habit of drinking an alcoholic beer every night,” said Massey.

Even with a renewed interest in non-alcoholic beverages, Reeves says the struggle with addiction remains prevalent in the Huntsville community.

If you or anyone you know continues to struggle with addiction, whether it be alcohol or drugs, the Partnership for a Drug-Free Community is available to help.

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