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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –  A local realtor is shedding light on a scam that has been emerging in the area.

“I had a listing come up and it went under contract, in five days was great,” said Shelby Stricklin.

But scammers were watching and snagged her listing from a third party site.

A house that was for sale, had now been posted as a rental home on Facebook marketplace.

“This one was $600 a month rent including utilities,” she added.

A price she said is way too good to be true.

This issue erupted as she was closing a deal with a new buyer.

“Even when I went to put out the pending sign, just a few days into it, there were two families in the grass looking at the house when I pulled up,” Stricklin explained. “They said, ‘Oh are you the realtor? Can you show us the house?'”

After the sale was final, the new owner still had uninvited guests.

“Basically, the people that are scamming this listing or home now have told people to stop by and just take a look at the outside,” she said.

Stricklin said the scam gets the best of some.

“I had one lady say she had sent money in,” she added. “It’s unfortunate though because so many people need that, and are really in desperation for affordable housing right now.”

The realtor said several people reported the rental post on Facebook and it was subsequently taken down.

A day later it had resurfaced on Facebook Marketplace.

If you’ve happened to fall victim to a scam like this one, do not hesitate to contact the police.


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