Wind chimes refuge

Wind chimes refuge

As Hurricane Dorian continued to gather strength Labor Day, most Floridians hunkered down watching weather news.

So what did other (non-human) creatures do to stay safe?

They took shelter as well.

That’s exactly what a handful of adorable frogs did in Belle Isle on Labor Day, before the storm was predicted to make landfall. They took refuge inside a house’s wind chimes, reported homeowner Patrick Smith.

In a series of Tweets, Smith, who calls himself Florida Wolfman, shared pictures and video of the little guys, who had managed to burrow inside the chimes, and looked quite content doing so.

He wrote that he first encountered them when he was storing the chimes, which hang about 10 feet off the ground on the corner of the house.

Many followers were curious how they ended up there inside the tubes.

They appear to be Cuban tree frogs, a species with very sticky toes.

“They can climb up and over almost any surface,” Smith posted. “These guys simply climbed up the walls to get to the chimes!”

Commenters were amused by the sight, and some couldn’t resist cracking jokes about the man’s five new house guests.

“Frog safety bunkers!”

“If I can chime in here, this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.”

“You now have temporary pet frogs. Haha.”

“Toad in the hole!”

“Looks like you have some friends trying to hide from the storm.”

Smith appears to be enjoying the visitors, as well as his newfound social media fame.

“Seeing how much simple joy my froggy wind chime tweet has brought to so many people just gives me life,” he wrote.

So where are the little creatures now that the threat has passed?

Smith told the Miami Herald that the frogs have since been released into the palm fronts over the pond in his back yard.

“They are safe there,” he said.

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