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Product Description

24 inch electric cooktop with coils24 inch electric cooktop with coils

24 inch electric cooktop24 inch electric cooktop

electric cooktop 220v 4 burnerelectric cooktop 220v 4 burner

Faster, efficient cooking with induction.

Superior responsiveness makes simmering, searing, boiling and grilling second nature while 9 power levels provide a range of cooking options. Handle delicate sauces and savory dishes alike with powerfully precise temperature control.

counter top stoves for kitchen electriccounter top stoves for kitchen electric

Faster heating

Since induction heats pans directly, you’ll immediately notice how much faster it is to cook with induction. Pans heat up more quickly, and food cooks quickly which lets you prepare meals in less time. It’s also more energy efficient since less heat escapes the surface.


Easy to use

The Knob Control panel is intuitive and simple to use. To start cooking, simply turn on the cooktop, then select the burner and heat heat level you want.

built in induction cooktop 4 burnerbuilt in induction cooktop 4 burner

Safety First & Easy Cleaning

Induction cooktop adapt to your cookware, ensuring it’s quickly and evenly heated. If no pans are on your cooktop, the cooking zones don’t heat. And, the cooktop is safer because the unused surface remains cool. Nothing gets burnt on, and the sleek, smooth surface means there’s nowhere for dirt to hide. So you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your food.

electric cooktop 220v 4 burnerelectric cooktop 220v 4 burner

counter top stoves for kitchen electriccounter top stoves for kitchen electric


built in induction cooktop 4 burnerbuilt in induction cooktop 4 burner

knob induction cooktopknob induction cooktop

Heater Surface Material Type
Vitro Ceramic Glass Vitro Ceramic Glass Non-abrasive glass Non-abrasive glass Vitro Ceramic Glass Vitro Ceramic Glass

Electrical Supply
220-240V /50-60Hz 220-240V /50-60Hz 220-240V /50-60Hz 220-240V /50-60Hz 220-240V /50-60Hz 220-240V /50-60Hz

Total Power
6400W 3500W 6000W 3000W 6000W 3000W

Control Ways
Sensor Touch Sensor Touch Knob Control Knob Control Sensor Touch Sensor Touch

0-99 minutes 0-99 minutes \ \ 0-99 minutes 0-99 minutes

Installation Type
drop in drop in drop in drop in drop in drop in

23.22″ X20.4″ X2.4″ 11.4″ X20.4″ X2.4″ 23.22″ X20.4″ X2.12″ 11.4″ X 20.4″ X 2.12″ 23.22″ X20.4″ X1.73″ 11.4″ X20.4″ X1.73″

20.28lbs 11.02lbs 20.7lbs 11.02lbs 19.4lbs 11.02lbs

【 Knob Control Induction Cooktop 4 Burner 】The knob-control induction burner is specially designed for the elderly. As you can see, the operation of the rotary knob is very simple without complicated functions. Perfectly for people with poor eyesight to use this 4 burner induction cooktop. Knob control is safer than touch control, and can prevent children or small animals from accidentally touching the switch.
【 Fast Heating Induction Burner】 As we all know, induction cooker has an 83 percentage energy efficiency rating which is more efficient than traditional gas or electric stovetop. Heat up and cook faster. The built-in induction cooktop only takes 3 minutes to boil 500ml of water. 240V induction cooktop is more effective than 120V, fast heating save your cooking time and makes it easy to handle multi-person parties
【 9 Power Settings 】24 inch induction stovetop with 9 heating gears that can be adjusted, for culinary moments that call for precision, our 24″ induction cooktop gives you the power to perfect every dish, for any occasion. Perfect for braise, fry, simmer, steaming, boil, stir-frying, roast.This glass induction cooktop also has overheat protection and a residual heat indicator, allowing you to cook more at ease.
【 Stylish Appearance, Drop-in Install,Easy to Clean】Drop-in electric cooktop, as you can see, our induction hob design is embedded, which can save you more space and make your kitchen look better. The surface of the electric stove top is made of ceramic glass, which is durable and high temperature resistant. Easy to clean, just wipe it with a soft cloth.
【4 Burners Electric Cooktop 220v -240v 】The 4 burner induction stovetop has no plug. Drop-in induction cooktop need to be conected to hard wired(220-240v). According to the wiring diagram we provide, you can have 220V-240V for the cooktop. NOTE: All induction cooktops only compatible with magnetic flat bottom cookware, such as cast iron, stainless steel, enameled cast iron,nickel cookware; You have to put the pot before using the cooktop, and the order cannot be reversed.