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Product Description

Our FUNAVO inflatable pool takes your summer leisure activity to the next level with the tropical design bending your mood in a flash.

Look at the sand, beach chair, ocean, tropical tree and seabird! FUNAVO inflatable pool (beach series) is designed to offer you an immersive vacation vibe as if you are enjoying the beach and sea, yet away from the crowds.

With FUNAVO inflatable swimming pool, any moment in the hot summer will turn into a pure enjoy!

Package Includes:

1 * Inflatable Swimming Pool

1 * Electric Air Pump

1 * Garden Hose

1 * User Guide

2 * Repair Patch

Size: 100*71*22 inches

Water Capacity: 340 gallons

Material: Premium PVC

Color: Navy Blue

Shape: Rectangular

FUNAVO Inflatable Swimming Pool

Enjoy Summertime Splashing FUN!

Enjoy the water party with your family and friends in the cool water with FUNAVO blow up pool. With INCLUDED electric air pump and drainpipe, it’s so easy to inflate and drain the swimming pool for kids and adults within 3-5 minutes.

We designed the rectangular inflatable pool with a 0.4mm wall thickness to make your joy even more secure. 3 air chambers and double valve caps prevent air leakage.


Supervise children, who are in or near the pool, closely.

The highest drowning rates are among children under the age of 5.

Do not use flotation/safety devices as a substitute for supervision.

3 Chambers & 0.4mm Premium PVC

The 0.4mm thickness premium PVC material is 50% more solid and stronger than average inflatable pools.The 3 independent air chambers and the double valve caps prevent air from leaking.The Naphthalene, lead-free and BPA-free pool is certified by CPSIA, CPC and ASTM.

Drainpipe & Garden Hose Attached

The 90° vertical drainpipe allows you to drain the pool if don’t want to exhaust air chambers directly to drain.The included garden hose helps you control the water flow to discharge the water to a designated place.

Fast Inflating with Included Electric Air Pump

FUNAVO above ground swimming pool package includes an electric air pump, thus it takes ONLY 3-5 minutes to fully inflate all 3 air chambers.Note: Do not exceed 10 minutes of continuous use to prolong the lifespan of the pump.


Do not place the swimming pool on mud, sand, or loose soils, deck, platform, concrete, asphalt, or any other hard surfaces. It is recommended to place a tarp under the kiddy pool to protect it from puncturing by sharp objects.You should inflate the 3 individual air chambers from bottom to top.The bigger valve of the double valves design can let air in and out, but it’s fast to inflate. The smaller valve of the double valves design can only let air in. Please inflate to 90% through the bigger valve and then close the bigger valve, then inflate through the smaller one to 100%.After the pool is fully inflated, it is recommended to push the valves in to avoid accidents, especially when kids are around.Please fill the pool with water to the second ring (around 70%) to avoid water overflow.You can deflate all 3 air chambers to drain the pool very quickly, or, to prevent water from flooding all over the place, connect the drainpipe and the garden hose (included) and then open the inside drain valve to slowly discharge the water to a designated place.Dry the inflatable swimming pool completely before you fold and stock it in a cool and dry place.

Inflated Dimensions:

100″ X 71″ X 22″

100″ X 71″ X 22″

Material Type:

Premium PVC

Premium PVC

Pump Included?


Hose Included?

Age Grading:



Water Capacity:

340 Gallon

340 Gallon

Other Feature:

3 Individual Air Chambers

3 Individual Air Chambers

Full-Sized Family Swimming Pools: FUNAVO inflatable swimming pool is big enough to hold up to 2 adults plus 4 kids. Enjoy your summertime water party with your family in the backyard with FUNAVO swimming pool.
Sturdy and Durable: The wear-resistant 0.4mm wall of FUNAVO inflatable kiddie pools is 60% thicker than average blow up pool to better prevent the wading pool from ripping, tearing, and puncturing. With 3 individual air chambers, air stays in position for you to have fun.
Safe Materials for Kids: FUNAVO blow up swimming pool is CPSIA, CPC and ASTM certified and made of naphthalene-free, lead-free, and BPA-free PVC material, which meets international standards for kids toys, and absolutely safe for adults and kids.
Easy to Inflate and Deflate: It only takes 3-4 minutes to inflate all 3 individual air chambers with an electric air pump (INCLUDED). Then fill the FUNAVO kids pool with water, balls or toys. Simply open the air valve caps to deflate, or drain the blow up pool with the drainpipe and hose to a designated place.
Multifunctional Indoor/Outdoor Pool: You can enjoy FUNAVO inflatable pool outdoors and indoors as a swimming pool, a ball pit, a bathtub, and a fishing pond for kiddie. If you are not satisfied for any reason, remember that you enjoy a 1-year warranty.