Introducing MMATCHFIT Dovetail Clamp Pro by MICROJIG

Revolutionary All-In-One Package to Help You Build Better More Versatile Jigs, Fixtures, and Shop Accessories Faster Then Ever Before.

(2) MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps
(1) MATCHFIT Dovetail Router Bit
(1) MATCHFIT Setup Gauge
(1) All-New Package of MATCHFIT Dovetail Hardware (Variety Kit)

A shop essential package for building fully adjustable table saw sleds, clamping tables and benches, taller fences for your table saw, router table, and band saw. Unlimited uses with one simple profile.

“Ideal Clamps for Jigs” – Fine Woodworking Magazine

With the dovetail groove, you’re getting extreme tensile strength for your biggest and most important projects along with the ease and simplicity of routing a dovetail groove on just about any flat surface.

With a standard 14-degree by 1/2″ dovetail router bit, you can groove endless tracks to make fences, hold-down(s), and fixtures with this one-of-a-kind package.

Eliminate the need for cumbersome T-Tracks and build your shop jigs faster than ever before.

Add to your cart today! Work safer. Work smarter.

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Work Safer. Work Smarter.ATCHFIT Dovetail Clamp Pro by MICROJIG

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