Over the last week on TikTok, randonauts found human remains, an anthropomorphized Burlington Coat Factory launched a new trend and TikTokers messed with their relationships.

Months ago it became clear that the Summer of 2020 was going to be an enormous sh*tshow and if TikTok is any indication it’s just going to get weirder. This scorcher of a week brought the usual basic dance trends and DIY videos to the platform, along with dimension hoppers and those who pretend to be Aldi supermarkets while screaming at their friends “take me with you!”

Randonauts Take Over

Looking for an ingenious or disturbing way to entertain yourself while social distancing? Become a randonaut. Those who have joined this growing community participate in location scouting determined by coordinates selected by random number generating techniques in order to find personal life synchronicities with an intention in mind. For TikTokers, this typically translates to driving around in a car and screaming about a variety of perceived coincidences.

This week, TikTokers uploaded thousands of short videos about their randonauting trips. Some were sweet, some were spooky and one, in particular, was downright horrible. A group of teens were guided by the Randonautica app to a suitcase filled with human remains. Did this deter future TikTok randonauts? Of course, it didn’t. We will definitely be seeing more of these throughout the summer.

Black Lives Matter

Following the Death of George Floyd, Gen Z has flooded the #ForYou page with videos supporting protestors, exposing racial injustice and celebrating Black lives and this week is no different. The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, created by three Brooklyn women during the protests following the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the murder of Trayvon Martin in 2013, is alive and well on the platform. Last month, TikTokers created the #ImBlackMovement to spread awareness for Black Creators on the app and this month Black TikTokers and allies are…

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