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Jack & Joy is proud to present a set of 2 bushel baskets. They are professional-grade bushel baskets made from thick wood slots that reinforce the sides and bottom.

Comfortably transport these peck baskets with the use of the leather straps. The leather straps are not only great for protecting your hands while carrying, but they also fold down so that you can use them as a decorative display inside your home.

Whether for personal or commercial use, these baskets will get the job done. The increased weight capacity means that you can carry more of your goods without worrying about the baskets breaking or warping. You can rest assured that if you have them on display in your home, or they’re accompanying you out in your garden, they’ll always maintain their fantastic look. So what are you waiting for? Order Now!
Professional Grade – Our bushel baskets with handles are made with the highest quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. They feature thick wooden slots that help to reinforce the sides and bottom so that your goods will be held securely.
Ergonomic Leather Strap – Comfortably transport your peck basket anywhere you go with the ergonomic leather straps. The straps fold down to display the basket inside your home as a decorative piece, or you can use it to carry your produce from the garden to the kitchen!
For Personal Or Commercial Use – Use them as decorative baskets in your home as beautiful décor pieces or use them as apple baskets in your backyard. These bushel baskets can also be great for displaying any type of goods you may be selling at farmer’s markets. The applications are endless when it comes to the utility of these baskets.
Increased Weight Capacity – Our bushel buckets feature heavy duty construction. The leather straps not only feel great, but they also prevent any damage to the hands that traditional wood and wire straps can cause. The reinforced body will allow for you to carry more so that you can make the most out of your basket.
Indoor and Outdoor Use – Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, we’ve designed these produce baskets to meet all of your needs. Although these baskets can make for phenomenal additions to your décor, don’t underestimate how useful they can be out in the garden. They are also a fantastic way to showcase your goods out at a farmers market on a sunny day.