Jacob Wohl, the conservative provocateur who has trumped-up comically bogus sexual assault and misconduct charges against Robert Mueller, Elizabeth Warren, Dr. Anthony Fauci and other political figures yet somehow still isn’t in prison, is in the news yet again, this time for staging an FBI raid on his business partner, Jack Burkman, in an effort to dupe people into believing the government was trying to silence him for “rooting out corruption” in Washington.

The story was reported as genuine by The Washington Post before the story began to fall apart.

The Daily Beast reported than an actor named Tommy Abraham hired through Craigslist came forward to say he had been hired by Wohl and Burkman to participate in the staged raid. Furthermore, news of the raid was spread on Twitter by an account named @BevDonahue, though the account may be created by Wohl himself; it was created in August and the email behind the account starts with “ja” and the number associated with the account ends in “91,” like Wohl’s.

This was the scene outside the home of conspiracy theorist Jack Burkman this morning pic.twitter.com/jNvdHMtz90

— Bev (@BevDonahue) September 14, 2020

Abraham shared details of the ad he responded to with the Daily Beast, saying he had answered an ad written by a “Jacob Klein” to film scenes of an FBI raid. However, upon arriving, Abraham realized Klein was Wohl.

Evidently, the staged raid was used to hype up an upcoming Wohl press conference where he reveals new dirt on former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

The Washington Post has updated its story to reflect that the raid was staged.

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