Kitsune means “fox”: an animal that is of enormous importance in Japan, protagonist of myths and legends, as well as a beloved subject in tattooing.

According to Japanese mythology, the fox is endowed with extraordinary intelligence, able to live long and to develop supernatural powers: the main one is undoubtedly the ability to change appearance and assume human form.

Evan Griffiths, Grey Street Tattoo, Melbourne, Australia

According to some legends, foxes transform into beautiful women only to deceive others, while on other occasions they are described as faithful and lovable friends, lovers and wives.

Johan Svahn, Malmo Classic Tattoo, Malmo, Sweden

They are often connected to the figure of Inari, the deity symbol of fertility (as well as agriculture and rice): kitsune are at his service with the role of messenger. They too are venerated as deities in all respects, symbolizing wisdom, but also lust, cunning, prosperity and fertility.

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Xam, Seven Doors Tattoo, London, UK

Peter Lagergren, Malmö Classic Tattoo, Malmö, Sweden

Calle Corson, King Carlos Tattoo, Stockholm, Sweden

Dashuai Ma, Haloink, Beijing, China

Bunshin Horitoshi, Bunshin Horitoshi Tattoo, Tokyo, Japan

Mosh, Ultimate Skin, Leeds, UK

Lilian Raya, Private Studio, Mexico City, Mexico

Mila, On The Road, Toyohashi, Japan

Regino Gonzales, Good Luck, New York, USA

Taras Prystupa, Underdog Tattoo Studio, Warsaw, Poland

Karolina Wilczewska, White Rabbit Tattoo Parlour, Gdynia, Poland

Lauren Fox, Lighthouse Tattoo, Sydney, Australia

Claudia Ducalia, Mater Medusa, Rome, Italy

Hori Benny, Invasion Club, Osaka, Japan

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