A kitten took to a family cat and was determined to win her over.

An Miller @shortcake_the_cat

A ginger kitten whose name is Ham Biscuit, found his forever home with a nice family in Virginia. He was an instant cuddle-bug when An Miller picked him up. The kitten was very affectionate and demanded to be held during his ride home.

The little bundle of joy adored people and sought attention from everyone around him. He was eager to meet the rest of the family — the furry members.

One of them, named Shortcake, was a bit apprehensive about this overzealous little newcomer.

An Miller @shortcake_the_cat

Hammy who doesn’t understand the meaning of privacy, didn’t care about personal space or boundaries. He made a beeline to Shortcake for a meet-and-greet, and then proceeded to play with her tail and was all over her.

“He kept trying to make friends but Shortcake was not having it,” An shared with Love Meow.

An Miller @shortcake_the_cat

The ginger boy didn’t let anything deter him from pursuing this friendship he so desired. He began to try even harder.

He would follow Shortcake everywhere around the house, “attack” her with hugs and licks, and take every opportunity to get her attention.

An Miller @shortcake_the_cat

Shortcake would turn away from his shenanigans but Hammy would just trail behind her, pressing ahead with his many friend requests. He was determined to win her over, and would not take no for an answer.

The little ginger boy was curious about everything Shortcake was doing, and wanted to get in on the act at all times.

An Miller @shortcake_the_cat

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. After nearly a month of persistent persuading and following, the little guy started to grow on Shortcake. “She finally…

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