A family planned to foster a kitten for a few weeks, but the kitty had a different idea.

Erica Goren

A stray kitten with extra toes and curly ears was brought to a shelter in Los Angeles, last year. She was very scared and overwhelmed by the noise in the shelter and needed a foster home.

Jacqueline DeAmor, founder of Friends for Life Rescue Network, offered to help. “When I first got the kitten, she was hissy and spitting. But it was all bark and no bite,” Jacqueline shared with Love Meow.

That tough exterior quickly melted away when the kitten arrived at her foster home. Erica Goren and Nic Pappas planned to care for the little one until the right home came along, or so they thought.

Erica Goren

The kitten whom they named Domino, came out of her shell when she realized she was in safe hands. She warmed up to her foster parents and nuzzled her way into their arms.

Charlotte, the resident cat, was intrigued but hesitant to meet the newcomer. She kept her distance for a while, but little Domino was excited and couldn’t wait to run up to her new friend to greet her.

Erica Goren

“She was the first to fall in love with Charlotte way more than her foster humans. She immediately wanted to be her friend,” Erica shared with Love Meow.

“Charlotte was afraid of the little fluff but she was allowing her closer proximity.”

Erica Goren

Charlotte sniffed around the little kitten to get to know her better, but Domino immediately rubbed up to her with her overzealous affection.

The little panther kitty took to the Siamese cat right away and began following her everywhere around the house.

Erica Goren

The moment she saw Charlotte, all she wanted to do more than eat was be near her. Domino would come running to give her head snuggles, and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“Her personality started to come out and she…

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