From Girona to New York: Krish embarked on an adventure on the tattoo scene which soon anointed her as one of the most interesting upcoming talents in contemporary Neo Traditional.

In this nice long interview she tells us all about her adventure (and much more… including her favourite inks from World Famous!) – painting a vivid portrait of a professional, and a human being, who is something truly special. Thanks Krish!

Krish Trece, Soho Ink, NYC, USA

Hi, Krish! Would you like to tell me more about yourself? Who is Krish Trece? What is your background?
I was born in Girona (Spain), also known as Salvador Dali’s birthplace. It is a place that really celebrates his career, so this provided me with the opportunity to grow up surrounded by his imagery of surreal worlds where the boundaries of creativity are nonexistent and where the arts are truly treasured. I’m grateful this uncovered the world of art for me at such a young age. I became obsessed with learning more and discovering new artists. I have always been mesmerized by oil paintings, sculpture and all classic culture in general. I started off in the illustration field until I moved to Madrid when I was 18. As soon as I arrived in that city, I got my first tattoo.

This opened my eyes to a whole different world and I was instantly captivated by the creativity, culture and technique. I still am to this day.

Krish Trece, Soho Ink, NYC, USA

I have now been tattooing professionally for just over a decade and I’m truly thankful to have experienced so many great moments like traveling as a guest artist, attending various national and international conventions around the world and to be able to showcase my work so extensively. It has been hard work, but little by little I’ve seen all my dreams come to life. I’m so appreciative to everyone who has believed in me and given me a chance.

Krish Trece, Soho Ink, NYC, USA

… And what do you think that are the most important goals you have achieved?
As far as the…

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