After pleading not guilty to charges related to the Kenosha shooting earlier this month during the Jacob Blake protests, Kyle Rittenhouse was spotted at a local Wisconsin bar last Tuesday drinking beer and flashing the “OK” symbol before being serenaded with the Proud Boys’ anthem by other patrons of the establishment.

Now, prosecutors are requesting that the Kenosha County Circuit Court to modify the bond conditions to prohibit Rittenhouse from possessing or consuming alcohol, being in a bar, making public displays of “white power or supremacy” and to restrict his contact with any known militia or white supremacist groups.

According to reports, Rittenhouse, who was wearing a shirt that read “Free As Fuck,” visited the bar last week shortly after his court appearance while out on a $2 million bail. His mother was also seen at the bar, confirmed by surveillance footage from the establishment, where Rittenhouse was recorded drinking with alleged members of the Proud Boys who sang “Proud of Your Boy” (which is both an anthem and where the name of the group comes from).

Kyle Rittenhouse is not only out on bail, but is hanging out with his mom drinking in Racine, WI. The “free as fuck” shirt is a nice touch to the fuck you that is our judicial system. This country may just be broken beyond repair.

— Mike Carpenter 🇦🇲 (@MrCistoolong) January 8, 2021

Images of Rittenhouse flashing the “OK” hand sign were a particular point of criticism, especially on social media, which many associate with the alt-right or a symbol for “white power.” The association appears to originate from the 4chan hoax “Operation O-KKK” to trick the media into transforming it from its long-standing signal that “all is well” into one of racism.

Currently, the conditions of Rittenhouse’s bond do not include restrictions on entering a bar, consuming alcohol or interacting with any particular groups or militias. Rittenhouse…

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