If you’ve been spending a lot of time online these days, and you probably have considering the massive spike in internet usage during the pandemic, you’re aware that the web has been chock-full of politics. As we continue to get closer to the 2020 presidential election, this reality has only increased more and more, also in terms of political memes.

The encroachment of politics into meme culture isn’t exactly new, but since the 2016 election, their sheer prevalence means just about anyone who spends time on the internet will stumble across them one today. Last month, a similar poll we conducted proved that, compared to memes on other topics, political memes were typically received poorly by almost every demographic.

With that in mind, how are netizens generally responding to this influx of political memes, and what insight can we garner from their reactions?

Over the last two weeks, KYM Insights conducted a series of polls through CivicScience to gain a better understanding of how political memes are viewed online. By posing a wide range of questions on the topic, we’ve learned that the answer to this question depends heavily on age, income, political affiliation and more.

The nearly 2,000 respondents we received answers from were weighted according to U.S. Census figures for gender and age, focused on those who’ve seen political memes in recent memory. Of the participants, 53 percent were female and 47 percent male. For ages, 38 percent were under 18 to 34, with the remainder being 35 to 65 or older.

To begin, let’s take a look at the overall reception. At nearly 50 percent of all respondents, the vast majority expressed “mostly negative” reactions to seeing political memes, with 27 percent neutral and just 24 percent “mostly positive.” Of these three answer groups, how does each differ from one another, and what are some of the most interesting correlations between those who like, dislike or remain neutral when it comes to political…

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