Is bigger necessarily always better?

At Jumpin Fun Inflata Park, apparently so.

The newly opened Sarasota entertainment center touts itself as the largest inflatable adventure park in the United States.

Owner Brett Morrow told the Miami Herald that his place is already a huge hit since its opening on Labor Day weekend, with about 1,500 visitors.

“We had them standing out the door in the parking lot,” he said.

What to expect at this 15,000 square foot fun zone: attractions including dodge ball, hoops, bounce houses, climbing wall, battle beam, Ninja course, and even a roller-coaster type ride.

For the adults: a lounge area, where beer and wine will be served starting Oct. 1.

People seem psyched about the family friendly venue.

“Weekend idea!” enthused a social media user under a Facebook post from announcing the opening.

“It looks fabulous,” wrote another.

“Let’s gooooo.”

But, as always, a few haters popped up on the Internet, some with hygiene-related questions.

“I cannot imagine cleaning the sweat off this,” wrote a wary commenter under The Palm Beach Post’s Facebook post

Morrow says the wipe-down of the apparatus is the same as it is with any fun park.

“We use macro-bacterial sprays,” he says.

A little trivia: The actual largest trampoline park, sans inflatable rides, is called Altitude. The 55,000-square-foot attraction is far away from Florida, in Texas City.

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