The fascinating Moldavian singer tells us about her tattoos (including those dedicated to her great love of cinema) and tells us about her future literary projects…

Lena, as a band Infected Rain first took off in 2008. Were you already tattooed back then?
Yes, seeing as how I got my first tattoo in 2002 when I was just sixteen. I got the second and third in Italy, around about the time I turned eighteen. And then once I got back to Moldova, Infected Rain was formed.

Infected Rain, Lena, courtesy of Napalm Records

You also speak Italian fluently, don’t you?
I do. I went to university in Rome and my family still live there. At a certain point I went back to my home country and started making music with the group. But I’ve been living in the United States in Las Vegas for over five years now.

Infected Rain, Lena, courtesy of Napalm Records

You do a lot of different things: singer, model, YouTuber, and so on. I’ve just found out that you also want to write books…
Yeah, I guess I’d need 72 hours in the day to do everything I would like to do! (laughs) Anyway, I’ve been modelling since I was nineteen and I’ve always had a flair for makeup/hairdressing. If I hadn’t got into Infected Rain that’s most likely what I would be doing today seeing as how I’ve always enjoyed creating a look: for me, but for other people too.

Infected Rain line up

And what about your literary career?
Sometime in the future I’d like to publish a high end photography book featuring myself. And along with each of the photos I’d like to write little personal reflections. I’ve also been thinking about writing my memoirs about what I’ve done so far with the help of a dear friend who is a writer. I could answer her questions and she could write it from her point of view: the perfect combo. As you can see I’m not short of ideas, but for now, most of it will have to wait.

Infected Rain, courtesy of Napalm Records

Let’s get back to your tattoos and the wealth of movie…

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