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New Englander Leonard Bailey was one of the inventive geniuses of the

American Industrial Revolution. His designs and patented inventions solved

problems with woodworking planes that had plagued craftsmen for centuries. His

planes allowed woodworkers to transition from the age of wooden carpenter’s

planes to modern, metallic, fully adjustable planes suitable for any kind of

woodworking. His plane designs are still in use throughout the world and are

essentially unchanged from the planes he first made in the 1860’s. He deserves

more credit than he has received among America’s great inventors.

This book covers the thirty-two-year period in Leonard Bailey’s life

between 1852 when he began inventing, making and selling woodworking

tools in Winchester, Massachusetts, through his years at the Stanley Rule & Level

Company from 1869–1874, and ends in 1884 when he worked in Hartford,

Connecticut, and sold his Victor Tool business to the Stanley Rule & Level Company.