s part of the earliest wave of big meme characters to sweep the internet, Maggie Goldenberger found herself transformed into the “Ermahgerd Girl” way back in 2012 after a humorous photo from a decade earlier wound up being spread all over the web. Although she initially wasn’t a fan of the meme and tried to distance herself from it, Goldenberger ultimately learned to enjoy the association with it years later. While the Ermahgerd meme has waned in popularity over the years since its heyday, new iterations of the classic image continue to appear even to this day. Reflecting on the last several years since becoming a meme, Goldenberger recently gave us the chance to interview her about the experience to find out exactly how the photo was made and what she made of it all back then.

Q: Hey, what’s up, Maggie? So it’s been quite a long time since your photo and meme have been in their prime. Would you mind kicking us off by letting everyone know who you are, what your “internet famous” for, and what you’ve been up to as of late?

A: My name is Maggie, and I am currently very busy as a nurse at a hospital in Arizona. A fun photo I took with a friend as a 10-year-old excitedly holding up Goosebumps books resurfaced to viral internet fame in 2012. It was non-consensually uploaded to an internet comedy site, which was captioned by another user “MAH FRAVRET BERKS” to put emphasis on the speech impediment only a retainer can give you. I became the “Ermahgerd Girl.” A few times a year, I get a message to ask if I’d be interested in an interview or an event, and it really just depends on my mood or mental state if I engage. The most recent thing I’ve done was an interview for BuzzFeed.

Q: We’re gonna work our way back up to the day of the photo used in the meme, but let’s discuss a bit of your background. Recap your childhood, where you grew up and give us some context on the timeframe of the image in the meme.

A: I grew up in Olympia,…

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