The Orange County Health Care Agency has begun releasing more detailed information about people who have been diagnosed with the new coronavirus, including where they live.

Officials are cautioning people about what the geographic information does and doesn’t show: It shows where someone diagnosed with COVID-19 lives, which may not be where they contracted the disease. It isn’t an indication of virus activity in any specific location. And because most cases probably aren’t being diagnosed or reported, officials said, the numbers don’t show the disease’s true prevalence.

As of Friday, March 27, 321 Orange County residents have been diagnosed with COVID-19, up 28% from the day before and 394% from a week before. Three residents have died. (More on Friday’s developments in Orange County)

So far, 4,070 people have been tested by the county’s public health lab and commercial labs.

The cities with the most confirmed cases are Irvine with 33, Newport Beach with 32, Anaheim with 28 and Huntington Beach with 26. Another 27 cases are in unincorporated areas and cities with populations of under 25,000, and the county is still determining where 34 patients live.

The cities with the most confirmed cases relative to their population are Newport Beach with 3.7 cases per 10,000 residents, San Juan Capistrano with 2.4 per 10,000 residents and Dana Point with 2 per 10,000 residents.

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