U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio suggested that misplaced “woke” priorities at the Pentagon are at least partially to blame for China threatening Taiwan in the wake of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan this week.

“When we see these things happen, remember that our civilian leaders in the Pentagon have spent the last two years focused very seriously on the proper use of pronouns and ensuring that we host the right number of drag queen shows at different military bases around the world,” Rubio said Thursday on Fox and Friends.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade mentioned “kicking out the unvaccinated,” which Rubio added to his litany of Pentagon transgressions.

“And now the recruitment numbers are down because the working-class families that are the backbone of our recruitment efforts, these are the people who have for decades sent their sons and daughters to defend our country, they’re not interested in joining some woke social experiment organization,” Rubio contended.

Rubio and other Republicans have messaged heavily against the alleged “wokeness” in the Pentagon during the Joe Biden administration. The Senator led a letter in 2021 with U.S. Sen. Rick Scott and 10 other Republican colleagues, contending the U.S. Department of Defense’s recently established Countering Extremism Working Group (CEWG) could be used as “a cudgel to harass or silence conservative members of the armed forces.”

“We are deeply concerned that this latest effort by the Biden Administration will target service members who voice opposition to woke, Leftist ideology under the guise of protecting our ‘national security interest,’” the letter read in part.

During the Thursday morning interview, Rubio forecast more Chinese provocations toward Taiwan sooner than later.

“You’re going to see China launch rockets over Taiwan, potentially military airplanes launching over Taiwan, and I think part of this is messaging but I think part of it is to send a very clear signal to leaders in Taiwan,” Rubio argued.

The message: “If we decide to take you by force, you won’t be able to stop us, and therefore you should negotiate the terms of your surrender.”

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