I have always loved the design of medieval woodwork, it has always had a very unique look and feel to it. I have done many of these projects and I can not stress enough how important it is to have top quality plans, especially with medieval woodworking, it is very easy to get confused and lost on what you need to do next. By surfing the internet some free medieval plans can be found but from what I have seen, they are very poorly done and your are limited on what plans you have access to. I have wasted way to much time being stumped on a project or skipping a very important step do to an error in the plans.

Medieval Woodworking Types Of Projects

There are so many great projects to choose from in this category, you have everything from feasting gear to viking tables, many people enjoy making weapons and banners. Once you get started you really get surprised as to how many option there are as well as how fun they can be to do.

Best Way To Get Medieval Woodworking Plans

I have found that there are some different ebooks and courses that are filled with plans, the trick is you want to make sure you are getting a very high quality set of plans. You are putting your time and money in to this wether it be a hobby or a profession you want to make sure you are getting it done efficiently and correctly

Source by Parker Garrett