ack in April, Mick Lagi shared a seemingly random video of his friend’s cat, named Minette, to his TikTok as only his second-ever post on the platform. Unbeknownst to him at the time, Minette would become one of the biggest memes of the year in a matter of months, joining the ranks of other famous internet cats like Smudge and Grumpy Cat. By the summer, Lagi’s initial clip of Minette became solidified as the CatJAM Twitch emote on over 12,600 channels, including notable streamers such as xQc and Tyler1, who propelled it into the mainstream. It continued evolving into the Vibing Cat meme and, finally, the Cat Vibing to Street Musician’s Ievan Polkka meme, spreading to nearly every corner of the web as it became a viral sensation. We reached out to Lagi to find out more about Minette herself and how the original video was created.

(Minette the cat from the CatJAM / Vibing Cat meme.)

Q: Hey there, Mick. Thanks for joining us. I’d like to begin by catching up on how life’s going, and what you’ve been up to with Minette these days. Would you mind introducing yourself to our readers?

A: The cat belongs to a close friend of mine whom I see frequently. Kevin Tardif is the owner of the cat, but unfortunately, he had to give Minette away to another home because his son started to develop allergies. Luckily, I had time to do some videos with her before that.

Q: So in April this year, you posted a video of her to your TikTok that ultimately spawned the clip used in the CatJam and Vibing Cat meme. Could you tell us more about that day and the post itself? How’d you get her to do the iconic head nod? Was it from moving her head yourself?

A: Basically, my friend and I were having supper, and I started playing with Minette at the same time doing a beat with my mouth. Indeed, I was moving her head with my hand, as several people guessed how I did it [laughs].

Q: Then a few months later over the summer, the video started spreading around and getting reposted to…

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