I hope you enjoyed the Harry and Meghan documentary last night. I don’t normally review television but what a remarkable thing it has been in this day and age to know of a documentary’s existence for well in excess of a week. For it to be one of the bigger talking points globally, but for us here at the bottom of the world to have to wait for the ship to dock in the port, for the horse to grab the film reel and transport it to the state broadcaster for last nights viewing. And you wonder why linear TV is in the trouble it is?!

Unfortunately for Harry and Meghan, a documentary went out last week in Britain on Prince Charles’ work on his duchy.

This involved him not moaning, not complaining, but rather showing how the duchy works, who’s employed, how it changes lives and what they do with the proceeds.

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It’s quite the business, in fact it’s a 2 billion dollar business over 130,000 acres in 23 countries.

Not surprisingly, the reviews have been positive and it is very similar to another documentary which is also well worth seeing that was shown to mark his 70th birthday, which revealed a similar view of his world, his outlook, his hopes for the planet.

How he was green before green was even a thing.

For all his trials and tribulations, you can’t fault the man on service, which is why his other headline this past week has been over his fury at his two sons who appear not just to have fallen out.

But to those have dragged the good name of the royal household into disrepute. Harry and Meghan’s simpering expose shows, tragically, an example of how generationally we have sunk to a new low.

Attributes like resilience, sacrifice and a stoic outlook have been replaced by complaint, superficiality and a wafer-thin ability to weather life. The only advantage Harry has, is he’s not actually that important.

He’s not the next King or the King after that. William is, and if Harry has done his brother a good turn, it is to show that he and his wife actually take their role seriously.

And the more flakey Harry and his airhead Mrs look, the more impressive William and Kate appear. And for all those that say who cares it’s just royalty, that is true, but it comes with constitutional significance. The Queen is our head of state.

Britian is inextricably linked directly to us, and the commonwealth, and as such they play a critical role in this country’s history and life.

No word of course from the Queen, but one can safely assume she must be wondering why her annus horribulous years are driven almost exclusively by those of her family who simply don’t get it – or care to get it. The inescapable conclusion from last night’s insight, is that for some, no matter what your advantage in life, it’s all about attitude. Even in the most gilded of existences, misery and woe is still at hand if you don’t care to see beyond yourself.

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