Mini Lau’s tattoos are little coloured cameo which she herself defines as “girlish, detailed and delicate”. And we would add one more adjective: delightful. In this interview she tells us about herself, her tools (Cam Supply) and her inspirations. Welcome to her world of enchanted ink!

How long have you been tattooing and how did you get into tattoo?
2020 is my seventh year in tattoos. After completing tattoo studies in Hong Kong, I went to Korea and Taiwan as guest artist and continued studying to improve my tattoo techniques for a few years. Now I tattoo for people who love my works all around the world.

Mini Lau, Mini Tattoo, Hong Kong

Tell us about your style and your tattoos: how would you describe your work?
My tattoo style is working small scale in colour, and the media called it small fresh tattoo with fine line. My work is girlish, detailed and delicate.

Are there any techniques or particular tricks you use to create pieces that are so small yet so filled with detail?
For small works, I am using single round lines needle and 03 round lines needle. This style needs to be done with care and patience. Rushing the work will affect the quality of the tattoo.

Mini Lau, Mini Tattoo, Hong Kong

What instruments are best suited to your pieces?
The “Legend Motor Tattoo Machine” is my current favorite machine including the needle, which is the most suitable for creating my work.

Mini Lau, Mini Tattoo, Hong Kong

How did you come to discover Cam Supply and what advantages do they offer?
I am very strict about tattoos, including works and tools. I understand that Cam Supply has been a brand for more than 20 years, and the quality is recognized by everyone. Especially their aftercare cream, stencil and machine, they are all very useful for my tattoo works. I have tried other brands before but in the end I still choose Cam Supply over them. Besides providing high-quality works for my customers, we also need to choose high-quality products to be responsible for our…

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