RAINORSHINE SAVE ENERGY is an innovative hub for the research, design and implemantation of energy saving solutions.
Based in Toronto since 2010 is working to build valuable relationships with an array of manufacturers, suppliers, trades, professional disciplines and organizations that work in this dynamic and rapidly burgeoning industry.

Providing Modular Passive House [and Near] like energy use at the same price of conventional homes by implementing a Modular System of prefabricated panels closed assembled in the factory.

RainOrShine offers you the opportunity to build the next generation of houses

The proven concept is now being introduced to Canada by RainOrShine with the valiant support of LEHNER industry leader of prefabricated buildings in Germany

The plans is to create a Canadian production line for these Modular Passive House deliver and install them for the Canadian Market

This project is open for partners who are familiar with the building and construction market and want the opportunity to provide Modular Passive House.

The most complex components are assembled in the factory allowing labourers working in a controlled safe environment.

High tech woodworking machinery and enclosed environment allows for greater quality control than is possible on a typical job site.

Production using this closed panel method will be a first in Canada.

Prefabricated Modular System simplify the installation process, requiring fewer workers onsite to complete a task.

Super Fast Installation – A two story building takes just TWO DAYS to be assembled.

These houses offer the highest quality materials and construction methods at the same price as CONVENTIONAL homes

High energy performance materials and finishes allow the best standard as Passive House


For more information about the project and how to be part, please contact us so that we can discuss the possibilities of partnership or collaboration.


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