Big changes are coming for the next 48 hours as we go from wet and mild today,  to very chilly by early Friday. Let’s talk rain first. Showers are ongoing this morning and more is expected through the rest of the day. While severe storms aren’t likely, a few strong storms with gusty wind are possible. Rain amounts look to be a little less than what we had last Friday, but still any rain we get this time of year is important. 

Thursday, a cold front moves into the state with even more rain coming. Again, some rumbles of thunder and maybe a strong storm or two are possible, but widespread storms and severe weather aren’t really likely. The big question is the timing of the rain and will it end in time for Halloween night. Right now, it looks like the heavier rain will exit by sunset, with just some lingering rain in the east, while temperatures nosedive in west Alabama. We’ll continue to monitor the trends and update the forecast. 

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