Discovering the private studio in Rouen where a close-knit couple (Mikki and Marion) make cool tattoos in the name of art. Read our full story!

Mikki Bold

Mikki, have you ever managed to explain how it was that you developed such an original avant-garde artistic style?
(Mikki Bold) I’ve always done my best – whatever I was doing – to develop new things. To go further than what had been created so far. I would be inspired by my surroundings and by what others were doing, and push myself to always go further, bringing something completely new. I am constantly trying to perfect my tattooing techniques so as to give me the capacity to evolve in my designs and patterns.

Going beyond the rules, creating our own. Not letting go, always a step further!

Tattoo by Mikki

What is behind a nickname like “Bout De Charbon”?
(Bout De Charbon/Marion) Hello, my real name is Marion! The nickname “Bout de Charbon” (“Piece of Coal” in English) is what they used to call me in the school yard when I was at school. It was because of my make up! (smiles) I had a very coal-like smokey eye and that’s how I wanted to stand out during my studies. The name stuck to me while I was in high school, even my family and friends adopted the nickname. It was deeply inked in my everyday life so I decided to keep it and use it for my work. I believe “Bout de Charbon” describes me well. It is also a reference to my origins. You know, I come from the North of France were coal mining was the main industry for years.

Bout De Charbon Credit Damien Willerval

Mikki, you completely dedicated yourself to tattooing in 2009. When did “Obscurum Ink” become part of your life and what exactly does it represent for you?
(M.B.) In 2015 I founded Obscurum Ink after 5 years of being a tattoo artist. I needed a place in my image – adapted to my techniques and my workflow – to be able to tattoo in the best conditions and greet my clients in the comfort they deserve. It’s a place I love to…

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