The new book by TATTOO LIFE

We are proud to present our new book: 10 Years of Grindesign – The art of Robert Borbas. 300 pages of his work, ranging from t-shirt designs, heavy metal album covers, personal illustrations and sketches for tattoos in the Black and Grey style for which Robert Borbas has become a leading light for all lovers of the genre.

Starting out as an illustrator, he manages to bring to skin the dynamism and fluidity of the drawing which distinguishes his graphic illustrations and his world teeming with characters that seem to emerge from some Gothic cathedral, those statues of monsters that look like animals and strange creatures that defy description. We had an interesting chat with him about this book where he describes his amazing world, his imagination, what he selected and how the book came to be.

So, ladies and gent, welcome to the backstage of 10 YEARS OF GRINDESIGN – THE ART OF ROBERT BORBAS. (You will find the complete interview with Robert in the next issue of Tattoo Life magazine).

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Robert tell us how this project got started. It includes much of the work you have done in graphics, as well as drawings and tattoo scketches, doesn’t it?
This is my very first book. And I don’t want to sound cheesy but it feels unreal. As I write these lines I have not even had the chance to check out the printed, final actual book, but I’m already super happy and more than honoured. The fact that it comes out under the wings of a prestigious publisher just makes me super proud and satisfied at the same time since I never wanted to publish something that is only 99%. This release is something I will be proud of for the rest of my life and it’s a 100%.

10 Years of Grindesign – The art of Robert Borbas

The idea of releasing a book had been in the air for years now. I had…

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