oprah winfrey

Orpah Gail Winfrey was born January 29, 1954. However, her name was often misspelled and said, and as a child Oprah stuck. She is an actress, talk show hostess, and producer. She is also well loved for her role as a philanthropist. Her studio is called Harpo, which is Oprah backwards! Her talk show began in 1986 and continued through 2011. She was open to discussing a variety of issues and bringing new people on the show to explore what they could offer to society.

She had been called the Queen of Media and her show has been considered the best rated talk show in history. Many people got their start on her show including Dr. Oz. She has been considered one of the most influential women in the world. In 2013, she was given an honorary degree from Harvard. She was also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Obama.

She grew up in poverty in Mississippi, and has never forgotten that. She has donated money to many causes for children, families, and for promoting self-sufficiency.  She has discussed being raped when she was only 9 and pregnant by the time she was 14. Sadly, her baby died at birth.

She enjoyed listening to the radio, and it was the one luxury she had in life. When she was in high school, she got a job working at a local radio station and people loved her voice. At the age of 19, she got a job as a co-anchor on a news channel.

Her compassion, emotion, and desire to offer information changed the way that people thought about day time talk shows. Winfrey paved the way for others to move in this direction including Dr. Phil.

She has stared in a variety of films including The Color Purple. She has written a variety of books including self help for those that need assistance but don’t know where to turn to get it. Her website, Oprah.com, continues to see high volumes of traffic daily. There are archives if information as well as new material added regularly.

She has been dating Stedman Graham since 1986. The couple have never married. Oprah has had ongoing struggles for decades over her weight. She has significantly lost it and then gained it back. It has influenced her roles and she was a spokeswoman for various diet plans at different points.

image credits: flickr