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Product Description:

Package Included:

0.5mm single-head easily wipe*1;

1mm single-head easily wipe*1;

0.5mm single-head not-wipe*1;

1mm single-head not-wipe*1;

silver double head not-wipe*1;

white double head not-wipe*1

Net Weight:65g

Size:0.5mm 1.0mm

Color: Gentian purple


1. Individually packed surgical skin marker with paper ruler.

2. Perfect for marking eyebrows for permanent makeup procedure.

3. Good waterproof performance.

4. Fine point tips can easily draw accurate and clean lines.

Warm Tips:

1.Keep away from children and fire.

2. Remove oil from skin before marking-use alcohol.

3. Marking can be removed by alcohol or liquid soap.

4. Please do not use the same skin marker pen with many people.

5.Due to the different display and different light,the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.
【Set Contains】4 pcs 0.5mm and 1mm single-head easily wipe and not-wipe. 2 pcs silver and white double head not-wipe.All pen with paper ruler.
【Skin Positioning】This skin positioning pen can be used on any part of the body and is ideal for marking eyebrows during permanent makeup.
【Waterproof】With good waterproof performance, it is not easy to fade during the painting process.
【Easy to Use】The thickness of the pen tip can easily draw accurate and clean lines, suitable for professional or beginners.
【Quality Assurance】The medical grade plastic handle and medical grade gentian ink are used, which is hygienic and safe.