A palm-sized kitten who was rejected by his mom, found a new family to cuddle.

Beth Walden @the_kitten_guinness

Beth Walden, an animal rescuer from Florida, took in a palm-sized kitten who needed round-the-clock care. The little one was rejected by his cat mom. At three weeks old, he was only the size of a newborn.

They were surprised by how small he was. “I knew he was a little fighter since he had made it three weeks in the condition he was in,” Beth shared with Love Meow.

The kitten was very fragile and had trouble getting food into his belly. Beth fed him kitten formula drop by drop, and overnight, it brought the little guy back from the brink.

She cleaned off the crust covering his eyes and treated him for the infection. They didn’t know if his eyes could be salvaged but were trying everything they could to help him heal.

Beth Walden @the_kitten_guinness

After many sleepless nights, the kitten whom they named Guinness, perked up and started to thrive. His appetite improved as he figured out how to suckle down the formula through a syringe. His belly was full and round.

After every feeding, the kitten would cuddle up to Beth and purr himself to sleep. “He’s been strong from the first day I had him,” Beth said. “Guinness is definitely a cuddler. He looks like he’s smiling while he’s sleeping, and tucks his head in and crawls out when he wakes up.”

Beth Walden @the_kitten_guinness

The tiny fighter recovered from the eye infection and revealed his big, gorgeous baby blues. He was still very petite for his age, but tried to play and even learn to walk. Nothing seemed to slow him down.

Before nap time, he enjoys kneading on his soft blankets. “He loves rubbing his face in fluffy blankets. He also loves to make biscuits while he does it,” Beth added.

Beth Walden @the_kitten_guinness

At five weeks old, the kitten was only the size of…

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