Partypoker is bringing back an old concept in an effort to entice modern MTT players to ante up.

Partypoker T$

Partypoker is introducing Tournament Dollars in a bid to offer more flexibility for MTT players. (Image: Partypoker)

Making the announcement on October 15, Partypoker is relaunching Tournament Dollars. Following on from the success of PP Live $$$, the poker operator wants to offer online players a similar level of value.

More Value for Partypoker MTT Fans

Set to go live on October 27, Tournament Dollars will add another wrinkle to the site’s satellite system.

At present, qualifiers award tickets with specific values. These tickets can then be used to take part in MTTs with an equivalent entry fee.

However, from October 27, players will win Tournament Dollars (T$). These credits can be used to take part in any MTT, assuming the player has enough T$ to cover the buy-in.

For example, if a player wins a satellite event for T$200, they can use the funds to play two $100 MTTs, three $50 MTTs plus two $25 MTTs and so on.

As well as mixing and matching, all T$ credits will remain active for 12 months, after which they’ll expire.

A select number of traditional satellites will remain in place. However, Partypoker will use the new system to provide more flexibility for tournament players of all skill levels.

In fact, by making the switch to Tournament Dollars, the site will effectively have an extra $1 million in prize money on offer every week.

Reviving Traditional Online Poker Trend

For seasoned online poker players, Tournament Dollars are a familiar concept. Almost since its inception, PokerStars has been a leading advocate of turning satellite tickets to credits.

Historically, MTT pros have used satellites as a way of boosting their bottom-line. Because qualifiers often attract less skilled players, pros were able to win and convert their tickets to Tournament Dollars.

With those funds, they were able to take part in regular MTTs and win real cash.

Partypoker will be hoping T$ can inspire a similar level of interest among seasoned players. However, with the operator also targeting novices in recent months, there are clear benefits on the other side.

Having the ability to use satellite credits in a flexible way means players can play the MTTs they prefer, rather than sitting down alongside more experienced players in high value events.

Of the recent changes introduced by Partypoker, T$ seem to be the least controversial.

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