Dave Greber
infinite loop
HD video

During the creation of Peekaboo, pinball machine graphics, imagery
from 1990s action movies, and Henri Rousseau’s paintings combined to
reveal themselves to me as this cohesive allegory:

There is an archetypal lone soldier hunched in the palmettos. There
is lurking violence beyond the horizon, explosions and strife, just
far enough away as to not do any harm, but close enough to keep him
awake all night. A Tiger deity is lord of this place, somehow
responsible for the effervescence in this, otherwise, placid marsh. The
soldier senses impending conflict and is forever alert.

-Dave Greber

Thanks to:
Matthew Holdren Woodworking, Television cases
Katie Gelfand Design, Flag fabrication
Matt Aguiluz, author of the Peekaboo theme song
Roel Miranda, Installation
Jacob Edwards, Installation
Jenny LeBlanc, Consultant, Installation
Adam Montegut, Peekaboo Title Drafting

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