Police are making inquiries after a motorist was filmed driving 260km/h on the open road.

The video, shared on Auckland man Andrew Pile’s Instagram account, showed the vehicle’s dashboard speedometer as it leapt from 142km/h to 260km/h in only 20 seconds.

A police spokesperson confirmed they are aware of the video and will be making inquiries.

They condemned the driver’s actions, saying the speed was dangerous.

“The driver’s actions in this video are appalling with little regard for the impact his speed could have on other motorists’ lives as well as his own.

Speed is the single biggest determining factor in whether a person is killed, seriously injured or can walk away from an accident, they said.

“Even just a slight change in speed can have a significant impact to yourself and those around you.

“Anything can occur around you suddenly on the roads and at higher speeds your reaction time reduces dramatically.”

The video appears to have been taken as the motorist headed south of Orewa on the Northern Motorway between Dairy Flat Highway and Wilks Rd.

Pile told the Herald he was not the driver behind the wheel and only shared the video online, which he claims was stolen from his social media account.

He said he had sold the Audi to a dealership about two months ago. He would not name the dealership.

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Pile said he had shared the video on his private Instagram account, but would not say whose content it was.

It is unclear when the video was shot, but a local resident said the video was posted on Tuesday night and removed automatically 24 hours later.

“This driver needs banning for life and such an idiot filming himself … he will kill himself or someone else sooner or later.”

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