Price: $194.71
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Wireless Battery Tattoo Pen Parameters:
Motor: 9V12000 revolutions
Interface: type-c interface
Structure: Integrated lithium battery pen structure
Configuration: Lithium battery tattoo pen + RCA adapter + RCA soft silicone thin wire + USB data cable + accessory package, and spare batteries can be purchased separately.

1. Material quality: aluminum alloy
2. Workmanship: CNC integrated fine carving
3. Color: black
4. Travel distance: 0-0.35mm
5. Gear position: adjustable voltage gear position 5-12V, short press 0.1V, long press 0.5V
6. Display: high-definition LCD screen display
7. Applicable: Suitable for most integrated needles on the market
8. Battery capacity: 1800mA (milliampere)
9. Working voltage: 5-12V
10. Charging time: fast charge, can be fully charged in 1.5 hours without electricity
11. Use time: The output current is 2.0A, under the condition of normal 8V voltage working, it can work continuously for more than 5 hours, the voltage is stable, and the intermittent use can be about 6-7 hours
12. Starting voltage: with memory function, starting voltage is the voltage when it was turned off last time
Tattoo Pen Composition: Tattoo pen with built-in 1800mAh lithium battery. 1. The upper half of the lithium battery power supply, 2. The lower half of the tattoo pen. Replace the upper half of the lithium battery in the middle part, or use the RCA conversion head. No pedals and hooks are needed.
Advantages of Rotating Tattoo Battery Pen: Simple operation, battery 2.0A output, with high-definition LCD display, long service life, non-slip design, suitable for 99% of all tattoo needles on the market.
Tattoo Pen Lithium Battery Parameters: 1. Input: It can be charged by connecting a USB cable and power supply through the type-c charging port. The battery capacity is 1800 mA. 2. Output: output current is 2A, output voltage: 5-12V, 5V is the lowest voltage, 12V is the highest voltage.
Tattoo Pen Structure: Split structure, can be used with RCA cable, strong power, low noise. Suitable for most tattoo cartridge needles on the market.