Pullman Community Pushes for Restoration of Historic Hotel Florence; ...

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In 1881, Hotel Florence was a luxurious locale where fancy parties took place and celebrities from all over the world stayed. The hotel has been closed since 2000. But community members are hoping a state bill can bring the hotel back to life.

“I used to shoeshine at the bar,” Al Quiroz said, “and I would get 15 cents a shine and the customer used to give me a tip and they used to buy me a glass of root beer pop and a bag of potato chips.”

Now 87 years old, Quiroz worked at the hotel doing maintenance.

“If the walls could talk,” Quiroz said.

The lifelong Pullman resident grew up at the hotel. In the mid ‘40s his mother, Elena Rodriguez Quiroz, was the first Latina head housekeeper.

Interactive map: More from our community reporting series

Al Quiroz tells countless stories of the once thriving hotel. Decades later, he holds on to the hope of watching it…

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