There will come a time when even the best partnership has to end, in pursuit of a once in a lifetime opportunity. After a year of working as the Manager at Fine Grit Studio, Fiqkri Ismail left to embark on a new adventure of starting his own line of cruiser board.

The supply chain management graduate from Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) Institute of Product Design and Manufacturing (IPROM), later its name changed to UniKL Malaysia Italy Design Institute (MIDI)―started out as an intern at Fine Grit Studio during his last semester at UniKL in April 2015. Fiqkri was later promoted to manage the custom woodworking company and had even started to develop woodworking skills with the help of Fine Grit’s designers before coming up with his own line of product: classic-shaped skateboards and the aesthetics of Malaysian Tropical Rainforest Wood.

Combining his determination to learn the craft of woodworking with his favorite sport has proved to be a match made in heaven. As Fiqkri gained the company’s trust, he was given the chance to take charge of all the finishing touches of each product produced by Fine Grit Studio. His focus was (and still is) to satisfy customers with the best finishing based on their requirement.

A year later, Fiqkri’s passion is still going strong. Armed with the right skills and a burning desire to pursue his dream, Fiqkri has now turned his passion of woodworking and skateboarding into a legit venture, with a high hope of putting the brand on the international map. The passionate boardsmith envisions himself as the pioneer of Malaysian cruiser boards and plans to own his very own atelier one day.

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