Price: $155.00
(as of Jan 18,2022 07:09:03 UTC – Details)

This kit contains twelve items for metal polishing! One 9″ orange airway to be paired with our brown tripoli compound bar, one 9″ yellow airway to be paired with our high luster green rouge polishing compound…both airways have a 5/8″ arbor hole. Additionally this kit has many essential accessories such as a safety flange, one 2″ scuff polishing ball and a 2″ muslin cone polishing buff for the hard to reach areas. For sanding, this kit has a 9″ Maroon Satin airway which finishes like a 240 or 280 grit, a 9″ medium buff and blend disc that finishes like a 150/180 grit and 10 – 400 grit 5″ velcro discs to be used with an orbital sander. We complete this kit with a rebel red liquid metal hand polish and two red microfiber applicators. **DUE TO SHORTAGES IN THE MARKETPLACE THESE KITS WILL NOT COME WITH THE RED SCUFF BALL FOR THE TIME BEING.
COMPLETE 12 ITEM KIT – This kit contains the airway buffing wheels, buffing compound bars, liquid hand polish, safety flanges, microfibers, and sanding essentials such as buff and blend, satin airway and 400 grit sanding discs.
SAND AND SHINE – We designed this kit to be everything you would need other than a high speed right angel grinder to fully sand and polish your aluminum tanks, wheels and trim. This kit contains 9″ airway buffing wheels with the corresponding compound bars as well as little polishing buffs for the hard to reach areas!
MAINTENANCE HAND POLISH – Rebel red liquid metal polish along with a few microfiber applicators are included in this kit to help maintain and seal the ultra high luster from your high speed polish.
SHOW SHINE – This kit will take your aluminum tanks and wheels from old and rusted to bright and shiney reflection!
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We guarantee that you will enjoy this box kit and we always recommend that you send us a message for technical questions on how to high speed polish the right way!