I have a huge sequoia slab that I got off of Craigslist.

The previous owner did a poly coating on the top but didn’t seal the cracks or the underside. They kept it in a covered porch and so saw large humidity changes that caused the poly finish to crack and peal.

My plan is to take that poly coat off and seal the cracks and bottom side with a poly sealer and I’d like to use an oil based finish (lindseed, Danish, etc) for the top side. Looking into finishing end grain shows that the finish may just be absorbed into the wood and never really get to a nice finish.

I’ve seen sealing with a 2lb cut of shellac but don’t know how an oil finish would work with it.

I’d like to keep the natural look of the wood as much as possible and don’t like how poly finishes feel.

Any guidance you all could offer?

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