An employee at a Department of Motor Vehicles call center in Riverside has been diagnosed with COVID-19, officials said Wednesday, March 25.

DMV officials learned that a person working at the Riverside Contact Center, 6280 Brockton Dr., tested positive for coronavirus Monday, March 23, said Marty Greenstein, a spokesman for the agency. He declined to comment on the worker’s condition, citing privacy concerns.

County officials were working to trace the origin of the employee’s infection. The Riverside Contact Center was closed for cleaning on Tuesday, and later deemed safe by Riverside County health officials, Greenstein said. Employees were allowed to return to work on Wednesday.

Over 200 employees work at the DMV facility, Greenstein said.  He added that 18 were out of the office Wednesday due to “school closure, self-isolation, self-quarantine, being high risk.” Officials declined to specify how many of those were under observation or isolation for possible exposure to coronavirus.

“There is no face-to-face contact with the public at that office,” Greenstein said.

The DMV  has taken measures to limit the number of people gathered at its facilities, Greenstein said. Services are provided on an appointment-only basis, and eligible staff have been given the option to work from home.

Meanwhile, NBC Los Angeles reported that some DMV employees in San Pedro refused to interact with customers Tuesday,  following complaints of close working conditions that do not facilitate social distancing and inadequate access to hygiene supplies. That office remained open for business on Wednesday, Greenstein said.

Disinfectant, alcohol wipes, gloves and other items are being ordered by the department for its employees and are arriving at offices statewide “on a flow basis,” Greenstein said.

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