Ron DeSantis is telling a national audience his side of the story as outrage continues to mount over what critics call “human trafficking.”

DeSantis appeared on Fox News’ Hannity on Monday, his first interview after the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office opened a criminal investigation into a Florida-funded charter flight involving two planes and fifty undocumented immigrants flown from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard.

DeSantis did not address the Bexar County investigation, preferring instead to rail about the “really frustrating” border policy of the Joe Biden administration before saying that both the undocumented immigrants and Martha’s Vineyard residents “wanted” the unexpected flight, one in a series of stunts involving relocation of undocumented immigrants to areas far away from the border.

“Millions of people since Biden’s been President illegally coming across the southern border. Do they freak out about that? No. You had migrants die in the Rio Grande. You had 50 die in Texas in a trailer because they were being neglected. Was there a freak out about that?”

“It’s only when fifty get put into Martha’s Vineyard, which wasn’t saying they didn’t want this. They said they wanted this, they said they were a sanctuary jurisdiction,” DeSantis said, describing the migrants as “basically destitute” and “put in a situation where they could have succeeded” by being flown to Massachusetts.

“Not only did they not welcome them, they deported (sic) them the next day with the National Guard,” DeSantis said.

The undocumented immigrants had “all signed consent forms to go,” DeSantis said, showing that the flights were “clearly voluntary and all the other nonsense you’re hearing is just not true.”

“And why wouldn’t they want to go given where they were?”

DeSantis couldn’t resist chiding Martha’s Vineyard yet again before the interview moved on.

“Have they lived up to what they billed themselves as: a sanctuary jurisdiction? They could have absorbed these people without a problem,” DeSantis said.

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