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Product Description

Bakeries, Coffee Shops, or at Home!

Royal Tulip Style Baking Cups are the perfect addition to any bakery, coffee shop, grocery store looking to show off their baked goods in style. They are even terrific for the avid home baker! These styled baking cups add a more upscale appearance to any treat, and will make them stand out on display. Made from premium, grease-proof paper, these baking cups are completely food safe and can withstand temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. They will fit in conventional muffin tins. 

Elegant, Contemporary Appearance

Using Royal Tulip Style Baking Cups is an easy way to add style to any treat! They have a more refined appearance than regular baking cups, and look much better than unwrapped baked goods. The interesting shape helps give your muffins and cupcakes a more styled and contemporary look. 

Weddings, Birthdays and Special Occassions

Royal Tulip Style Baking Cups are perfect for displaying cupcakes at weddings or birthday parties. Cupcakes are much easier and more convenient to serve at functions where cake would normally be served. Some people worry that cupcakes are not as formal as a full-size cake. Using our Tulip Style Baking Cups enhances the appearance of cupcakes, and offers a more elegant appearance than plain white wrappers. Make cupcakes more appropriate for formal events by using Tulip Style Baking Cups! 

Practical and Time Saving!

A variety of sizes are available in this style of baking cup. 

Small cups hold about 2 oz of batter Medium cups hold about 3 oz of batter Large cups hold about 4 oz of batter ​Each size of our Tulip Style Baking Cups has a bottom that is 2″ in diameter. This means that all sizes will fit into a standard muffin/cupcake pan. 

Make your muffins and cupcakes stand out. Customers eat with their eyes first before deciding to make a purchase. Make sure your goodies look as good as they taste by using these delicate wrappers. Royal Tulip Style Baking Cups are the perfect item to help make your treats look irresistible. 

Using any style of baking cup is an easy way to help protect your baking pans, and save yourself time. By using a baking cup, muffins and cupcakes will not stick to the pan. This means no scrubbing or scouring baking tins to eliminate baked on mess. There is also no need to grease the pan, which saves on calories, and saves your baking ingredients. 

OVEN SAFE, AND PROMOTES EVEN BAKING! These tulip baking cups are made from premium quality grease-proof paper. This material helps to retain moisture and promotes even baking. This product is oven safe, and can withstand temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.
STYLISH, UNIQUE DESIGN! These baking cups are sure to impress customers or guests. They add a refined style to any display case or plate, making your treats look even more divine! Cupcakes and muffins wrapped in baking cups offer a more professional, polished look than non-wrapped baked goods.
MAKES BIG MUFFINS! These baking cups can hold about 4 oz of cupcake or muffin batter; an excellent size for big muffins or cupcakes! This style of baking cup is available in small, medium, and large sizes. Perfect for bakeries, grocery stores, cake shops, coffee shops, and more!
MEASUREMENTS AND SIZING: Bottom diameter is 2″. Height from the bottom of the cup to the bottom of the “V” is 2-3/4″. The height from the bottom of the cup to the very top is 3-7/8″. They fit in a standard muffin pan.
PREVENT MESS, REDUCE THE TIME IT TAKES TO CLEAN! Using baking cups to line muffin pans eliminates the need to scrub baked on residue. This helps save time cleaning, and gives you more time to bake!