A Thai tabby cat fought the law and the law won.

With the coronavirus pandemic spanning the globe, lockdowns and curfews have been put into place by many governments. Thailand is one country that is currently under a scheduled lift date for May 31. All citizens are to remain home from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m. and the conditions of the curfew are mandated by law. Those who break curfew are subject to arrest.

The humans are aware of this and remain in place at night, but certain citizens are still doing as they please.


The cats of Thailand have no problem breaking curfew because a cat goes where he chooses when he chooses. But one cat caught flouting the rules was taken into custody for his willful misbehavior!

Officers out on their rounds discovered the tabby cat padding the streets and as he was arrestingly handsome, they took him to the station for booking. And, if one examines the above photo closely, another offender in white and grey stripes seems to be in view on the right.

Once there, the adorable offender had a mugshot taken.


The sign in the mugshot explains the cat’s violation, he left home after the 10 p.m. curfew.

With news of the stripy criminal hitting the internet, the tabby has amassed quite a few fans. Hopefully, by the end of the curfew, the tabby will have served his time to satisfaction. And when he comes out, surely, he’ll be adopted in a forever home that will keep him from returning to a life of crime on streets.


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