Wisconsin-based electronic rock artist and producer Ryan Summers recently released his latest offering – the 11-track album entitled Undo Influence, delving into Ryan’s personal experiences with cults.

Ryan explains, “My experiences deprogramming from an internet cult about a decade ago is the central theme of ‘Undo Influence.’ The songwriting highlights what cult experts call ‘floating,’ a phenomenon whereby an ex-member is caught between their original pre-cult identity and a second persona developed as a coping response to the cult environment. It’s like slow-motion schizophrenia where you don’t know what to believe, but the emotions are enormous. Seeing all the weird cult shit going on this year with this QAnon group, I figured I would relay some of my own experiences.”

The album amalgamates elements of progressive electronic music, industrial flavors, and shades of chamber pop into dazzling soundscapes.

Undo Influence begins with “Chasm,” opening on tocking tones embellished with glowing filaments of color, forming a tune vaguely reminiscent of Pink Floyd, only laced with latent glistening suffusions. Tight and logarithmic, Ryan’s delicious bespoke voice infuses the lyrics with simmering textures.

“Chasm in the dark / No eternal spark / Another chance to bring the voice of ages home.”

From a subjective viewpoint, highlights on the album include “Follow You,” opening on a choppy piano topped by industrial harmonics, edgy and dark. When the melodic refrain enters, the tune glows with alluring hues.

“Freezer Burn Sumadhi” trembles and quavers on sepulchral flushes, while Ryan’s droning, mechanical tones ride overhead, chant-like, as if praying to some eerie deity. “Holy Criminal” blends driving dance energy with hints of new wave, resulting in a juddering, powerful harmonic flow on top of a thumping rhythm.

“Osiris Stone” merges chamber pop with dark industrial percussion, topped by layered Queen-like vocals.


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