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Tattoo Brightener

Samnyte Tattoo Cream features a rotating retractable design for easier application, while natural plant fruit oil ingredients and botanical extracts moisturize, enhance color intensity and restore black and colored tattoos. Vitamin-rich ingredients provide your skin with much-needed moisture and nutrients, Tighter skin will give the tattoo more dimension, making your old tattoo come back to life.

Promotes Healing

Our tattoo cream is suitable for any area where you have a tattoo and contains wheat germ and jasmine extract to anti-inflammatory, pain relief, soothing redness and swelling, promotes healing after the tattoo so you can show the world your perfect tattoo sooner.


For external use only, use after the tattoo has scabbed over, do not touch the wound directly.

Butter products melt when exposed to high temperatures and will re-condense when cooled in the refrigerator.

Always tighten the cap after use and keep in a cool place.

Open the internal transparent cap please rotate the cream directly, it will top open the transparent cap.

Product Features

Rotating and retractable design for easier application.

Can have effects nti-inflammatory, pain relief, Soothing redness and swelling, promotes healing.

Light stable waterproof, hypoallergenic, formula that protects tattoos from sun fading.

Enhances color intensity and restores black and colored tattoos.

Provides much needed nutrition to the skin, Tighter skin will give the tattoo more dimension.

Natural vegetable oil ingredients, long-lasting moisturizing.

Creamy white paste for all skin colors and ink colors.

Made with only the best ingredients and never tested on animals, free of petroleum and lanolin.

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tatoo blam

tatoo blam

tatoo blam

tattoo balm

tattoo balm

Tattoo Aftercare

Rich in vitamins, wheat germ and jasmine extracts for anti-inflammatory, pain relief, soothing redness and swelling, promotes healing

Light Stable Hypoallergenic Formula

Our unique light-stable, hypoallergenic formula protects tattoos from sun fading, enhances color intensity, and restores black and colored tattoos.

Waterproof and moisturizing

Enriched with vegetable oils, it forms a waterproof and moisturizing layer. Together with our light-stable hypoallergenic formula, it protects tattoos from sun fading even on hot summer days at the beach.

tatoo blamtatoo blam

Package Dimensions‏:‎4 x 2.1 x 2 inches; 3.53 Ounces
Item model number‏:‎Samnyte Tattoo cream black F4018
Manufacturer‏:‎Samnyte beauty LCC

【Tattoo Brightener】 Prevent the tattoo from fading in the sun, using our unique light-stable hypoallergenic and waterproof formula to protect the tattoo from sun fading, enhance color intensity, restore black and color tattoos.
【Healthy & Safe】Natural botanical ingredients, jasmine scent, rich in vitamins E, provide your skin with much needed moisture and nutrients to accelerate healing and ultimately reduce scar tissue formation. Tighter skin will Make your tattoo come to life.
【Easy Application】With an easy to use stick applicator, No need to get your hands dirty which allows full control over tattoo coverage. Perfect for small tattoos, permanent makeup, & microbladed eyebrows yet easy to apply and spread over large tattoos.
【Trustworthy】All of our products are petroleum and lanolin-free and never tested on animals.It is made from only the best ingredients, please feel free to apply! If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, just contact us and we will handle it for you.