Two Saudi nationals were charged by a federal grand jury in Riverside for allegedly buying more than $100,000 in weapons parts in America and smuggling the parts back to Saudi Arabia. Another Saudi national was charged in Los Angeles for similar offenses.

Hatim Humeed Alsufyani, 36, and Mosab Alzahrani, 27, both of San Bernardino, were charged with one county of conspiracy to smuggle goods out of the United States without obtaining export licenses, according to court documents.

Alsufyani was also charged with three counts of knowingly exporting weapons parts without a license, while Alzahrani was also charged with one county of knowingly exporting weapons parts without a license.

Prosecutors alleged that Alsufyani and Alzahrani, who formerly lived in Riverside, successfully transported weapons parts to Saudi Arabia between May 2014 and July 2018 by concealing rifle barrels, rifle triggers and other items related to firearms in their checked luggage by falsely identifying the parts as shower curtain rods or car parts.

The indictment was unsealed on Wednesday. An indictment by a federal grand jury in Los Angeles was unsealed on Nov. 1.

Abdulwahab Mohammed A. Alabdulwahab, 30, formerly of Los Angeles, was charged with 15 counts of smuggling and 15 counts of knowingly exporting firearms parts from the United States without an export license.

The indictment states that Alabdulwahab contacted U.S.-based firearms parts retailers to purchase firearms parts to illegally export those parts to Saudi Arabia. Those parts included .223 and .308 caliber rifle barrels.

If convicted of all charges, Alsufyani could face a maximum sentence of 65 years and Alzahrani could face 25 years.  Alabdulwahab could face 10 years in federal prison for each smuggling count and 20 years imprisonment for each violation of the Arms Export Control Act. 

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