Price: $186.48
(as of May 13,2021 08:30:25 UTC – Details)

The Schluter-KERDI-LINE system consists of a formed stainless steel channel body and a grate assembly that can be seamlessly adjusted to the thickness of the ceramic tile or stone covering from 1/8" to 1" (3 mm to 25 mm). The channel body features a standard 2" (50 mm) no-hub outlet and is attached to the pipe using an appropriate mechanical (e.g., flexible or no-hub) coupling. The simple connection to standard drain outlets makes KERDI-LINE suitable for new construction and renovation. Schluter-KERDI-LINE includes a corresponding polystyrene foam channel support and can be installed in conjunction with the matching 8.8 Schluter-KERDI-SHOWER-L/-LS sloped trays with integrated Schluter-KERDI waterproofing or a sloped mortar bed covered with the 8.1 Schluter-KERDI waterproofing membrane. The trays are available for wall (-LS) or center (-L) drain placement. Surrounding walls are made waterproof using Schluter-KERDI or Schluter-KERDI-BOARD. Schluter-KERDI-LINE is available in channel lengths from 20" to 48" (50 cm to 120 cm) in 4" (10 cm) increments. Please note that the bonding flange extends approximately 1" (2.5 cm) beyond the channel on all sides. NOTE: ITEM FOR SALE IS THE CENTER OUTLET TILEABLE GRATE ONLY – CHANEL BODY MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY.

Low profile linear floor drain specifically designed for bonded waterproofing assemblies
Can be installed adjacent to walls or intermediate locations in showers, steam rooms or wet rooms
Floor can be sloped on a single plane to KERDI-LINE, which enables the use of large-format tiles
Product does not include grate. Grate is sold separately.